Skincare Kit - Skin Type Kit Aqua (Water) for Anti-aging and Dry Skin Types

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Aqua (Water) Skincare Kit is for anti-aging and dry skin. Do you have fine lines, wrinkles, or dry skin? This kit may be the answer for your daily regimen to reduce the appearance of aging or dry skin. The ultimate in classic skincare all in an easy to use, simple step by step kit. A perfect compliment to any aesthetic service like dermal fillers, injections, neurotoxins, hydra facials, laser treatments and more. It's also perfect for daily use and maintenance as an anti-aging skin care routine.

Included in the Aqua (Water) for Anti-Aging and Dry Skin Kit:

1) Papaya Enzyme Cleanser

2) Oil Free Moisturizer

3) Luminate Brightening Cream

4) Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum

5) Antioxidant Barrier Serum Vit C and Vit E w Ferulic Acid

6) Retinol Cream

7) Pure Calm Hydrating Mask

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