Pumpkin Enzyme Peel Pads

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Pumpkin Pulp Puree is rich in enzymes, beta-carotene and antioxidants. Papaya contain enzymes that dissolve protein, and other ingredients work to clear pores and rehydrate the skin.

How To Use The Peel Pads

Apply a thin layer of product over clean and dry face and neck with a pad applicator .

Avoid the eye area or active acne lesions or open wounds. Allow to remain on the skin for 2–3 minutes. If the client reports excessive stinging, or if irritation occurs, remove quickly and immediately using a towel soaked in cool water or tea. Follow with cotton pads soaked in Soothing Chamomile Cream or like product to deactivate the peel pads products. Rinse again with towels soaked in cool water. If the client tolerates a 2–3 minute treatment well, treatment may be left on for 3–5 minutes on second treatment.

Best results are seen with a series of weekly treatments (4–5 weeks) followed by bi- weekly home care treatments. An application of Sun Defense or SPF 30+ to finish is highly recommended with peeling products.