Skincare Kit - Skin Type Kit Ignus (Fire) for Inflamed or Sensitive Skin Types

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Ignus (Fire) Skincare Kit is for inflamed or sensitive skin. Do you have hyper-sensitivity, inflamed skin or redness? This kit may be the answer for your daily regimen to reduce the appearance of redness, inflamed or sensitive skin. If you have inflamed acne, reddish undertones or very light skin that always seems to be sensitive to skincare products, try our Ignus (Fire) Skincare kit for daily use and maintenance.

Included in the Ignus (Fire) Sensitive Skin Kit:

1) Purifying Cream Cleanser

2) Cool Cucumber Toner

3) Oil Free Moisturizer

4) Antioxidant Barrier Serum Vit C and Vit E w Ferulic Acid

5) Anti-Wrinkle Hydrating Gel

6) DNA Facial Sculpting Cream

7) Topaz Cryo Facial Sheet Mask

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